Large capacity aerial application solutions


XO Aviation services a broad range of clients utilising large capacity Air Tractor aircraft.

  • Available seven days a week
  • Offer solutions to all aerial application requirements using both liquids and solids

Our aircraft are fitted with:

  • Satloc GPS and intelliflow flow control to guide the pilot for each run and select the rate of application to remain constant regardless of groundspeed
  • Stainless steel spray systems and the latest technology spray nozzles, making it easy to alter the application rate and droplet size
  • Meterate Seeding Gate. Precision application of small seed at low rates using a meterate roller
  • GEN 2 fire door

Agricultural & ENVIRONMENTAL

XO Aviation can help increase agricultural productivity for pastoralists, farmers, and orchard growers that need to control weeds and pests, spread fertiliser and improve their pasture and soil.

We can assist environmental managers such as rural landowners, mining companies landcare groups and government departments to control weeds and pests or rehabilitate through seeding or pasture and soil improvement…


XO Aviation uses its large capacity Air Tractor firebombing aircraft to suppress fires with fast and accurate results.

​The powerful 1700 horsepower Air Tractor carries 3100 litres of suppressant for firebombing and flies at a top speed of 280 kilometres per hour…

We offer customised aerial application solutions to suit your needs.